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Product Image Vintage Steiff Mopsy Dogs Bugsy and Malone

Vintage Steiff Mopsy Dogs two lifelong Friends Bugsy and Malone


Cute Vintage Steiff Mopsy Dogs. Meet lifelong Teddy Bear Friends Bugsy and Malone. They have been pals now for over 50 years! Bugsy measures 9" inches Malone measures around 6" inches.
  • This pair of Adorable Vintage Steiff 'Mopsy' Dogs have been life long pals for over 50 years!
  • Meet 'Bugsy' and 'Malone' always up to mischief and full of fun and frolics
  • 'Bugsy' is the Boss of the Two measuring around 9" inches Tall
  • 'Malone' is the little cutie who doesn't like being alone never far away from Bugsy's tail!
  • Both have their orginal Steiff Buttons in their ears part of their excellent pedigree
  • Bugsy's Steiff Button dates him to around 1950's little Malone is a bit younger around 1960's
  • Both these cute doggies get on well with Vintage Teddies
  • They would love a Teddy Bear Friend to romp with!
  • Have you got room in your hug for a couple of loyal Old Steiff Dogs!
  • All they want is a new home where they can stay together and they will love you forever...
    • Both Steiff Mopsy Dogs are in Good Vintage Condition
    • Around 99% mohair coverage
    • Original Eyes
    • Circa 1950s and 1960s for smaller Mopsy 'Malone'
    • Both Steiff Button's intact one is a little tarnished but both fine
    • Item ID: AB1075