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Product Image Merrythought Teddy Bear 1930s called Doris

Antique Merrythought Bear 1930s Vintage Teddy 20" inches


Antique Merrythought Bear Lovely 1930's Vintage Teddy

Antique Merrythought Teddy Bear. Cuddly and Adorable Doris 
Gorgeous Soft Curly Blonde Mohair and original Hand blown Glass Eyes and Pretty Pink lace Bow! 
Teddy measures approximately 20" inches Circa Early 1930s
  • Adorable Vintage Merrythought Teddy Bear dating from the early 1930's
  • We introduce Doris wearing her favourite Pink Lace Bow Just for you!
  • Doris has the most wonderful soft Curly Blond Mohair
  • Despite being an old Teddy Bear born in the 1930's her fur coat is in lovely condition!
  • Just a little 'cuddle' wear here and there but over all well furred!
  • A little bit of wear around the nose where she has obviously been kissed hundreds of times
  • Doris has the sweetest smile and is a very kind hearted old bear
  • She will always be there when you need a friend to listen
  • Or if you need a hug there is nothing she loves more!
  • Her all time favourite thing to do is to watch old musicals like the 'Sound of Music'
  • Doris likes to sing along but is a bit too shy till she gets to know you.
  • Doris has her original felt foot and paw pads in overall great condition
  • It is possible to see where her original label was stitched but sadly no longer present.
  • The small size suggests it was the Merrythought Pre-War embroidered label
  • This dates this lovely Antique Merrythought Bear to circa 1930's.
  • Doris has the sweet Merrythought profile and pretty face typical of Antique Merrythought Bears
  • All her joints work well and her stuffing is sound
  • A friendly sociable Vintage Teddy bear Doris will settle in nicely to your hug displaying beautifully
  • Merrythought British Teddy Bear Makers first made bears in the 1930s
  • This gentle hearted Old Merrythought Teddy Bear just wants to be your very best friend!
    • Doris is in Super Condition overall
    • She has a good 80% mohair coverage
    • Her joints are in good condition
    • Original felt pads to paws and feet
    • Original Foot Claw stitching intact
    • Body in good condition overall stuffing good
    • Antique Glass eyes appear to be original
    • Wearing Pretty Pink Lace Bow
    • Bear measures approximately 20" inches
    • Dates from the early 1930s
    • Item ID: AB1083