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Product Image Diem Teddy German Bear from the 1930s

1930s Diem Teddy Early Antique German Bear called Mozart


Vintage Diem Teddy Antique German Bear called Mozart

Cute Vintage Diem Bear. Meet Mozart the Budding Bear Genius of the Family! Teddy measures approximately 16" inches and comes to you in his best Dungarees and Bow Tie! Circa 1930's


  • Fun Vintage Diem Bear dating from around the 1930's
  • We introduce Mozart all ready for the Performance
  • He is wearing his Best Checked Red Dungarees and Satin Bow Tie just for you!
  • Mozart is an Old German Diem Teddy
  • With the typical Diem large ears and light lemon coloured Original Glass Eyes
  • His Mohair is a gorgeous pale gold curly and thickly covered with very little wear
  • Mozart tells us he likes holding hands with you!
  • Carried everywhere by his arms there is just a little thinning of the mohair below his 'elbows'.
  • We think he probably had a squeaker in his tum
  • But he squeaked so much for his last owner it is worn out now
  • He is a bit cheeky and you can just see the remnants of a pink felt tonque sticking out at you!
  • Mozart is fully jointed but also a very Soft Hearted and Cuddly Bear as he is Kapok filled
  • His Carded felt pads look original with just a tiny bit of wear on the tip of one of his toes
  • We just love his Wacky Expression!
  • Mozart's last owner used to let him sit on the piano whilst he took lessons
  • Which is where his name came from and his love of classical music
  • We think he used to try playing the piano as one of his paws pads has a tiny felt patch repair
  • Other than that he is in fine Fettle!
  • Mozart says he has very musical Ears...well they are definitely rather big and hairy!
  • We can't help but smile when we look at his Cheeky Bear Face and Twinkly Yellow Eyes!
    • Mozart is in Super Condition overall
    • He has a good 90% mohair coverage
    • Joints are in good condition
    • Original Nose and claw stitching and pads to paws and feet
    • The tiniest bit of wear to one of the toes
    • Small patch repair to the felt of one paw pad very well done and 'bearly' noticeable
    • Body in superb condition overall stuffing excellent
    • Original Eyes
    • Vintage outfit included
    • Bear measures approximately 16" inches
    • Dates circa 1930's
    • Item ID: AB1104