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Merrythought Teddy Bears

From a Mohair Mill in Coalbrookdale (Ironbridge) Shropshire the Merrythought Ancestral Line was born. By the 1920s sales of Mohair were struggling due to innovative new fibres so the owners of the mill W.G Holmes and G.H. Laxton decided to try their arm at Soft Toy Making. In 1930 the Merrythought company was set up and became one of the Finest English Teddy Bear Manufacturers. Early Merrythought Bears were made almost exclusively by hand and so are sought after for their fine quality. Merrythought Bears are the bears with the secret smile, they have a gentle loving expression and a sweet perky face. Bears from the first half of the 20th Century are becoming highly sought after. Be charmed by a Merrythought.