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26 Feb

Just the Day for a Teddy Bears Picnic

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Vintage Teddy Bears are Ideal companions for Teddy Bears Picnics!

The sun is shining Brightly in the UK today and it really feels like spring is on the way. Just the type of weather to pull out the tartan picnic rug, the Toy Tea Set and invite your Teddy Bears to a picnic in the Garden! 

I love this Vintage Postcard of a Teddy Bear's Picnic by the illustrator Molly Brett:

Teddy Bears Picnic Molly Brett

Molly Brett made some delightful Teddy Bear Postcards featuring frolicking teddy bears and all sorts of cute animals. Her work reminds me very much of Beatrix Potter with the clothed Teddy Bears and cute Bunny Rabbits and Hedgehogs she features.

Molly Brett did some of her first illustrative work for the famous Children's Author Enid Blyton and then went on to prolifically illustrate 21 books for the Medici Society. More than 500 paintings by Molly have been published as Postcards and Prints by the Medici Society.  

You can read a little bit more about Molly here although despite the fabulous fairytale quality of her work and the pleasure it has brought to countless children there is not a great deal of information available about her on the web.

When I gaze at the pictures by Molly they can't help but give me a warm happy feeling inside and take me back to those fun childhood days when we really believed that our Teddies and Toys might talk to us someday. Many of them did I had plenty of pull string dolls and cuddly toys that said Mama or something similar.

Collecting Teddy Bear Prints and Postcards is a great accompaniment to your Teddy Bear Collection so why not give it a go starting perhaps with a cute postcard or print by Molly Brett. 

Well I have fished out the Toy Tea Set and the Tartan picnic rug and hopefully the sun will still shine for a couple of hours this lunchtime so it will be me and the Chiltern, Merrythought and Steiff Teddies, oh yes of course the cat will have to join in too!

Kitty Golightly is a Collector of Vintage Teddy Bears who still longs for the days of Teddy Bear Tea Parties. Now she is a grown up this is her excuse! Her other passions are Antique Jewelry and Textiles. You can find her at