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25 Feb

Welcome to Ancestral Bears

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Welcome from

Here you will find our Ancestral Bear family of Antique Bears, Vintage Teddies and their friends and accessories. We have just had a total redesign of our site so we are busy now updating and adding more content and have lots more Bears on their way from the Ancestral Pile to give you a hug and say hello!

We will also be introducing some extra special Artist bears further down the line so watch this space! 

We hope you enjoy browsing around our hug! Kitty is always happy to chat so if you have any questions please feel free to say hello.

Contact Kitty by telephone: +44 (0)7582 883478 or by email kitty.golightly@hotmail.co.uk

Kitty Golightly is a Collector of Vintage Teddy Bears who still longs for the days of Teddy Bear Tea Parties. Now she is a grown up this is her excuse! Her other passions are Antique Jewelry and Textiles. You can find her at